Haiti Emergency Earthquake Relief Fund
Your donation will be making an impact in less then 24-hours. We are working with local residents in the Urbana, Ohio area whose family members have been impacted by the earthquake in Haiti. The pictures above are from the family members’ dwellings in Haiti.
Your gift of any amount will purchase needed items, such as water, food and tents. For example, $35 will provide basic food necessities for a family of 5 for a week. A tent for 2-3 people costs $35. A larger tent for 5-6 people costs $75. Because of the lack of availability of tents, they are building longer-term shelters made of wood with a tin roof. Those will cost around $1000.
Your donation is tax deductible. You will receive a receipt when you give to use for your taxes.
Some may ask why are we not using Go Fund Me or another such fundraising company: timing and fees. We can get needed monies into the appropriate hands quicker and there are no fees involved by keeping this within the church confines.